Birchwood was founded in 2012 by Jessica Reginek Estes at the young age of 24. Prior to opening Birch Wood, she studied real estate in Flint, MI and then decided to pursue her dream by working in the fashion industry and owning her own business.


Jessica has two beautiful children, Taylor and Landon. When she isn’t spending her time with them, she is focusing on Birch Wood. It continues to be family operated with most of her support coming from her mother Deborah.


Birch Wood was created with nature in mind. From the simplicity of life to the aromas we breathe; we believe in balanced basics and holistic products. We promote artists and their creativity from around the world as well as support our local designers. Our many artists utilize natural comfortable fabrics allowing you to make the style all your own. We are dedicated to finding comfort and style for all ages. Birchwood utilizes all that nature has provided, from the best essential oils to the most natural fabrics. We are constantly striving to provide products that you feel good wearing and bring out your best you.